Monday, January 11, 2010

it's been a while..

So, it's been a long while since I had time to update my blog.. and let's just say it's been busy..

starting off with a change of ceremony venue literally a month before the wedding date!  yes, insane, but was able to pull it all together in time..  So, my original ceremony venue was too good to be true..  The place, versailles, was beautiful as seen above.. However, the service and coordinator on the other hand was HORRIBLE!! 

HUGE lesson learned - for all the brides out there.. (not sure why I didn't even think of this).. when picking out a vendor, don't just think of location or how it looks, etc..  make sure you look up on yelp, theknot, projectwedding or any other sites and their reviews.. if it's a place where they have never done weddings before or the person you're working with has only organized parties and events and never done a wedding.. then you can most def scratch them off your list!! 

Let's just say it took the guy I originally worked with months to come up with a summary, not even a complete breakdown, not even a contract up till 3 weeks before the wedding..  Yet, I found 6 other places and they all responded with a breakdown to the T, within less then 24 hours!!  

My new place Pacific Athletic Club -

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bachelorette Party.. was a blast!

Thanks to my girls; Sugar, Curlz, Nance, Yuni & Meggerz..

had a blast in vegas and will definitely never forget our trip..  each one made the trip extra special and sharing this moment with these girls meant a lot to me!  aside from the veil not fitting on my big head to me having to wear a dickstle on my wrist or a flava flave type d*ck on my neck as a freggin necklace..  i can say this trip was just perfect..we had or moments, but i just wanted to say that i'm glad they didnt't make me wear the freggin peter pecker cape..  THANK GOD for that.. and no carlos from OG..  sorry ladies, not my typa thang..  esp. no prickly ahsses..

i'm just glad that yuni gave me the chance to makeup for the lame card games that i wouldn't do..  to be a b*tch to some losers that were mean to my friend curlz.. that was just awesome!  to be able to be a b*tch to them twice was just awesome!!! hahahahaha ;p

so, all in all, what happened in vegas really didn't stay in vegas.. they were memories and times that i will bring with me and treasure for the rest of my life..  ;p

GLee - is AWESOME!!!!!!

I heart GLee.. it's hilarious!!  definitely one of my fave TV shows this season..  what a witty writer..   that teacher sue sylvester is too funny.. and my fave character is kurt when he did that beyonce dance on the football field..  everyone should watch this show..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

wines.. make sure u buy ahead of time!!

So, I spent a lot of time in search for a good red wine..  i found one that was good and had the color that matched my purpley theme..  so, i thought to myself at first, i should just buy cases of it.. however, i didn't know how many cases since i didn't know how many rsvps..  and my fiance said there's no point in buying all the wines and where am i going to store it..  so, now that it's closer to the date and i have more of a number of rsvps..  i decided to go buy the wine.. omg?!?  my wine is hard to find!!!  i went to two costcos and within a few days, what was 88 bottles at one costco become 0.. and then the other costco can't locate the 160 bottles that they had.. so, what am i to do!??  i'm just hoping that i can contact the winery and get some cases from them directlty..  cross my fingers they still have that lot..

note to ALL: if you find a wine, especially a red wine, just buy however many cases you think you may need and then store it..  instead of scrambling last minute to figure out what to do when it disappears.. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

makeup & hair.. wowpretty!

So, a few weeks ago my cousin setup an appointment with his wife's makeup artist..  me hesitant with ALL things makeup since i have superdupertruper sensitive skin and really hate wearing makeup..  i tried a session before at the nordy's bobby brown counter, since i don't mind bobby brown makeup and felt their makeup was more natural looking.. that session at the bb makeup counter was a big disappointment, i looked like a clown with pink cheeks.. so, when i went to this other makeup apptmt i was not thinking much of it since i didn't want to spend much time nor money on something that wasn't important to me.. and my fiance's sister was very nice enough to offer to do my makeup for me.. 

however, after two hours of jira doing my makeup & hair, i was HUGELY surprised..  she made me feel really comfortable, she did this special airbrushing that made it look amazingly clean..  despite the fact that i was breathing some of this stuff in, i still really liked what she did..  she even made me have eyelashes!!!  everything looked really natural.. and i now am so happy that i'm getting my makeup and hair done.. i even booked her for my mom and some other friends..  so, if any of you can't find a makeup artist for your wedding or event, be sure to book JIRA from wowpretty..  she is absolutely amazing and works miracles!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOW: gratitude challenge d17

I am still working on the gratitude challenge despite the fact that i'm extremely behind and in the middle of holiday still..  so, for day 17 of the gratitude challenge, i have to perform random acts of kindness through the day..  since i'm at the end of the day, i'm going to carry it through to the next full day..  i guess i have to be super nice to my fiance!!

i will continue to massage his lower back for him since he's had a bad back to the point where he can barely walk for the past two weeks...  he keeps reminding me that he took care of me making me honey lemon water every few hours when i was sick last week.. so, w/ that guilt trip, i've been massaging his back.. but this challenge is reminding me to not do it out of obligation, but really b/c i care..  ;p

i just want his bad back to get better, so i will keep taking care of him until he gets better.. afterall, in a few months, it'll be for better or for worse right?!..  ;p

Friday, September 25, 2009


So, when i send in my rsvps to other people's weddings, i always try to include a note..  so, me thinking i'm going to place "leave us a note" on the back side of the rsvps will give more room for people to write us a note.. and afterwards, i can make a little scrap book out of it.. sure enough, i get so many rsvps where people totally miss the "leave us a note" area and squeeze as much info. on the front as possible..  i even got one rsvp back where they wrote a nice note on a post-it and stuck it onto the rsvp..  *sigh*.. lesson learned, make sure i either include (flip over) on the front side in the future for any rsvps i send out.. or forget the leave us a note..  ;o

oh well, i guess at least i got some notes from people to read..  i luv the one with the superduper nice handwriting! and the best one was someone added a simple "happily" in between "will attend" which really made my day!  ;p

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NOW: gratitude challenge d16

For day 16 of The Gratitude Challenge, i have to stand in front of a mirror for 5 minutes and focus on 5 things that i luv abt myself.. yiiiiiiiiikes, this is not going to be easy.. i may have some self-esteem issues since i've been told most of my high school years that i m fat.. and i had tons of pimples and i am def. not prom queen by any means!  so, i told my fiance about this.. and he said "i'm a good person".. hopefully so.. ok, i guess i will have to go to the mirror and attempt this.. ;p